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Over the weekend, senseless violence took the life of a young girl in Shreveport. This young girl wasn't involved in heinous behavior, or taking part in any high risk activities, she was simply in a residence in Shreveport. Shooting from outside the home, during a rolling gun battle, entered the home striking and killing her.

If this were an isolated incident, the tragedy would stop everyone in their tracks. To be fair, the ripple effects of this killing have caused many to stop and respond. But in reality, this isn't a new thing for Shreveport.

Children have been getting shot and killed regularly over the last couple of years in Shreveport. Honestly, probably even before that. But it would seem like the numbers are increasing since the start of 2021.

Much like the senseless killing yesterday, many of these kids have been shot and killed in their own homes. They aren't involved in violent activities, just living their lives. There have been some teens killed while engaging in violent behavior, but that doesn't excuse all of the murders of young people across the city.

Even with more than 20 incidents where children and teens have been shot in Shreveport over the last 18 months, nothing of real substance has been done to address the situation. Some personnel changes, some talking, multi-point plans, holding hands, press conferences...but nothing that matters. Nothing that has changed what's happening in Shreveport.

Here is a list of the shootings in Shreveport that have involved children and teens since 2021:

Children & Teens Shot In Shreveport Since The Start Of 2021

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