My wife and I are movie buffs. While the initial quarantine was a little rough, we took the time to clean off our DVR and catch up on a few movies we hadn't seen in a while. One thing about being in Louisiana: there are plenty of great actors and actresses from the state. There are plenty of great musicians, as well.

I have decided to touch on ten of my favorite actors from the state. Some you might be familiar with and others, you might need to catch up on. I have to admit, after doing a little research, I was surprised about a few of them actually being from Louisiana.

Celebrities Who Represent the Beautiful State of Louisiana

There are also a few more notables including Lodric D Collins from Lake Charles, who is featured on The Oval. Also Ali Landry from Cecillia, Faith Jenkins from Shreveport, and Richard Simmons from New Orleans. The next time you take a look at your television or movie screen, you may run across an old classmate or neighbor from Louisiana.

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