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Today is National Beer Can Appreciation Day, a day that many of us know exactly how to celebrate.

Every January 24th we celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day to commemorate the first time beer was canned. That happened on this date in 1935 when a New Jersey brewery, the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company, put out their beer can for the first time. The company had actually started canning beer about two years earlier, but it wasn't made available to the public until that January 24th.

So now we celebrate an American tradition, beer in cans!

In Shreveport, you can find canned beer all over the place. But instead of grabbing the generic canned beers, look for some of these Louisiana legends. Like Mudbug Brewery out of Thibodaux and their King Cake Ale. Or the fantastic lineup of canned beers from Nola Brewing Company like Irish Chanel Stout, Rebirth, or Hopitoulas. Tin Roof Brewing in Baton Rouge has a good selection too, highlighted by Voodoo Pale Ale, Bayou Bengal Lager, and Juke Joint IPA. Of course, if you ever find anything in a can from Abita, you're probably in good shape.

A little big closer to Shreveport is Flying Tiger in Monroe, who also has a decent selection of canned beer. Popular brews are Heroic Hops, Man At Arms, and Burma Blonde. Another nearby brewery is Cane River Brewing Company in Natchitoches, who provides some great canned beer as well. Including their Local, APA, and Pilsner...don't let the plain cans fool you, these are serious beers.

Of course, Shreveport has some canned beer of their own you can celebrate with too. Great Raft Brewing has a robust selection of canned beers. Starting with the legendary 318, but also including the old reliable trio of Commotion, Southern Drawl, and Reasonably Corrupt. They also have some seasonal beers you can find canned. Like Rhinestone Life, Creature of Habit, Oktoberfest, The Company I Keep, and At Arm's Length to name a few. Also, look out for cans of their Life Itself gose series...they're really good.

Another Shreveport brewery with some crazy canned beer is Seventh Tap. You can swing in to their spot on Linwood Ave and pick up cans of Don Pablo, WavezThe World Beneath Us, The Cat Whisperer, Candy On Chrome, Crocs With Socs, or Cocoa Loco. They have way more in cans, so check out their site here.

Shreveport has plenty of other breweries too, and they might have some selections available in cans, but if your goal is to celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day, you will probably want to call ahead to find out.

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