There are several cases that 710 KEEL news have reported on in the past, and in keeping our promise to you to stay with these cases, here are ones that we have confirmed are on the docket for Tuesday.

Judge Scott Crichton

Erik L. Mack (d.o.b. 7-23-91) will be in court to obtain counsel on a first degree murder charge. Mack is accused of the August (2011) shooting death of Demario Scott during an incident on Hearne Ave. Investigators say Mack fired shots from his vehicle into the vehicle driven by Scott.

Jerome Ortez Thompson (d.o.b. 1-1-86) is charged with second degree murder for the August, 2009 shooting death of Tremaine Dewayne Perkins at an apartment complex in the 4200 block of Lakeshore Dr. Thompson is due in court to hear a ruling on a motion.

Tarogany Deon Upton (d.o.b. 2-10-78) is due in court to obtain setting on a second degree murder charge. Upton is accused of the October, 2009 shooting death of Willie Upton outside a residence in the 5100 block of Truman.

Alphonso Bernard Williams (d.o.b. 1-10-73) is scheduled for arguments and hearings at 2 p.m. on two counts of filing false public records and one count of home improvement fraud. Williams is charged in connection with alleged illegal activities at the Shreveport Community Development Agency’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program.

Judge Mike Pitman

Cordero R. Parsee (d.o.b. 10-31-86) is scheduled for a court appearance to obtain setting. Parsee is charged with the shooting death of Brittny Polk this month (Aug., 2011) at a residence in the 7700 block of Wyngate.

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