Judge John Mosely

Lawrence W. Casey (d.o.b. 9-3-45) will be in court for a preliminary examination on a charge of solicitation for murder. Casey was arrested in June of this year and charged with attempting to hire a person to kill two individuals. 

Judge Mike Pitman

Willie Lee Griffin IV (d.o.b. 9-7-91) is scheduled for further proceedings on a second degree murder charge. Griffin is charged for his part in the October, 2009 shooting death of David Daniels at an abandoned duplex in the 1200 block of Sprague St.  Griffin has a jury trial scheduled in September.

Anthony Paul Johnson (d.o.b. 4-27-90) is charged with second degree murder for the August, 2008 shooting death of 17-month-old LeGary Adams, who died when shots reportedly were fired into a residence in the 3100 block of Lillian. Johnson, who has a jury trial scheduled for July 25, will be in court Tuesday for further proceedings.

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