An unusual situation on Colquitt Road this morning. Well, maybe not so unusual, if you consider how strong the wind has been today. Caddo Sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Chadwick says just as the sun was coming up this morning, the wind blew a dead tree down onto a cable line on Colquitt, near McLeod. Then, a Toyota Carolla hit the tree. She says, fortunately, a Highway Department vehicle happened to be driving by at the time. Workers were able to cut up the tree, and a tow truck came and lift the car up. Then the tree was rolled off into the ditch.

The road was shut down for about 45 minutes while all that was going on. The car's driver wasn't injured. Chadwick says she's unsure whether cable services were knocked out, or if they're still out. That wasn't the only issue the wind caused today, but she didn't have specifics on any others.