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Mulitple news outlets have reported, and Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips has confirmed, that a Capitol Police Officer has died due to injuries sustained during the riots yesterday in Washington DC.

During the violent riots inside the US Capitol yesterday, over 50 police officers between the Capitol Police and Washington DC Police were injured. Some of them were hospitalized due to the injuries suffered at the hands of rioters.

The officer who died had been struck in the head by a rioter with a fire extinguisher.

The rioters, who have been called domestic terrorists by President-Elect Joe Biden, were able to quickly enter the Capitol building after a Donald Trump rally was held in proximity to the Capitol area. Videos and pictures show the rioters destroying property inside the chambers for both the US Senate and House of Representatives. Elected officials had to be evacuated from the building to secure locations as the siege began.

Many elected officials have become critical of the Capitol Police Department over how quickly and effortlessly the riot was able to makes its way inside. Which has, in part, led to the resignation of Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund. However Sund is not stepping away immediately, his resignation will take effect January 16th, just days before Joe Biden's Presidential Inauguration is set for DC.


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