Hundreds of thousands of dollars in back child support is owed for children in Louisiana and that number keeps growing. In fact, 7 men owe more than $300,000 to support their children. But in many of the cases, the Office of Family Support has trouble finding the deadbeat parents.

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These people are on the list from Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto and Webster Parishes. These people have evaded all of the department's efforts to collect the court ordered obligations.


MORGAN WAYNE CANNON of Shreveport owes $102,197.00
TYRONE CLAY of Garland, Texas owes $138,506.00
KEVIN W HENRY of Shreveport owes $116,706.00
KERRY LANDON HOPKINS of Many owes $113,220.00
OLAF JONSEK owes $118,362.00
KEITH DEWAYNE LIGHT of New Orleans owes $121,189.00
JOHN WESLEY MCPEEK of Silsbee, Texas owes $105,439.00
KENNETH E NOLEN of Shreveport owes $117,493.00
PETER JOSEPH PHILLIPS of Diana, Texas owes $140,972.00
ZACHERY FONZAY SIMIEN NAPOLEON of Ocean Side, California owes $103,490.00
FREDDIE STOKES of Shreveport owes $195,437.00
MARCUS D TYSON of Vivian owes$122,253.00
WALTER L WALKER, JR of North Chesterfield, Virginia owes$129,653.00


MAXWELL SHANE ALLEN of Haughton owes $150,075.00
CURRY WAYNE BAKER of Benton owes $112,613.00
RICKEY L BROWN of Plain Dealing owes $135,931.00
JOSHUA CROUCH of Waco, Georgia owes $175,089.00
NEAL R MATTHEWS of Oklahoma City owes $102,060.00
DONALD R SEPEDA of Bossier City owes $135,139.00
SHAUN TREVINO of Ringgold owes $147,112.00
ANDREW J WHITE of Plain Dealing owes $104,714.00


BRIAN WAYNE JACKSON of Dubberly owes $133,488.00


TROY LEE GALLO owes $123,491.00
JOCK LEGER SHOALMIRE owes $111,140.00