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Parents and students' complaints about school lunches are nothing new, but lately, it seems to be getting worse. Here are just a few messages from KEEL's Shreveport Security Systems Message Board from this morning:

My kids won’t eat the school lunch because it’s so bad. Not just lacking nutrition, but gross. Bread placed on top of veggies so they soak up broccoli “juice”. Expired milk! It’s been bad for a long time. I’m glad someone spoke up at the school board meeting and I hope something changes.


My son popped a braces bracket on a grilled cheese sandwich at school.


That’s sad. School lunch when I was in school was the bomb dot com!!! It was so good!!!

Lunches in the '60's and 70's were actually food... cooked food... prepared in the school cafeteria everyday.  I remember awesome lunches like chicken fried steak, meatloaf, fried chicken, turnip greens, black-eyed peas, mashed potatoes, and those rolls... those fresh, hand-made yeast rolls.... but that's not what kids are getting today. Not even close.  Today's school lunches consist of corn dog nuggets, pop tarts, and an apple slice.

But one Caddo Parish mom is making a difference. Tiffany Hyde recently addressed the Caddo Parish School Board at their monthly meeting. She explained how she prepared healthy meals for her four children to take to school everyday.  But even though her kids brought their own lunch, they were still required to go through the line and take a school lunch... even though they weren't going to eat it.  And not only did they have to take it, they can't share their uneaten lunch with any of the other students.  So the lunch goes into the trash, untouched.  We HAVE TO DO BETTER.

Tiffany is fortunate she is able to provide her children with healthy food alternatives to the school lunches, but what about those that can't?  We know a lot of students in Caddo Parish come from economically depressed areas who's parents can't afford to send their children to school with a healthy lunch.  And the best we can give them is a pop-tart and a corn dog?

Tiffany Hyde-Facebook
Tiffany Hyde-Facebook

Kudos to Tiffany for standing up to the senseless waste going on in the system. She recently posted a follow up to her school board address:

Follow up!!!!

Yesterday I went and spoke at the Caddo Parish School Board Meeting. It was very well received! I will now be working with the director of the nutrition department to try and help bring this program to higher standards for the kids. I do need some help though as I’m only one person with 2 feet! I need eyes and feet on the ground! So, if your students could please send photos of lunches in question to you, and you send those photos to me, that would be greatly appreciated! If we don’t know, we can’t fix it  We can do this together!

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