A friend just texted me: "I just saw a school bus run a red light". I thought yeah, right sure you did. But then he told me he has video from his dash cam that will prove it.

Then I thought, ok, send me that video. He said he would and he did. I watched it over and over on my phone and the way the sun was shining on the light, I couldn't really tell the color of the light.

But then, I pulled up the video on a big screen and it's clear as day. This bus driver blows right through the light on East 70th at what appears to be Creswell.

You judge for yourself.

This happened between 5 and 5:30 on Thursday afternoon. I'm really not sure why a school bus loaded with children would still be on the road at that time unless they were going to a football game or some other type of event.

My friend who was driving the pickup told me it appeared the driver was trying to keep up with the other buses in front of him/her.

As you can clearly see on the video, this is bus #435. Yes, I have reported this to school officials. The Superintendent, Dr. Lamar Goree tells me he will have this incident fully investigated.  Administrators added: "We are actively investigating and thank KEEL for bringing our attention to this. We take student safety seriously and will take appropriate action."

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