The Caddo Parish Commission recently proposed new, even tighter gun legislation. The new ordinance, put forth by Commissioner Lyndon Johnson says it would make it illegal to have a gun in your vehicle that has a magazine holding 20 or more rounds of ammunition in the weapon.  The ordinance also carries penalties for those caught violating this law.  I think I understand the intent of this new legislation.  It was said it's to "go after" the offenders of these drive-by shootings that have seemingly exploded in number and frequency in recent months/weeks.  But there are several issues with this new propositon.

We Don't Need New Gun Legislation

Many people agree that we don't need new gun legislation, we need to enforce the legislation we already have.  If you're going to target the criminals, don't punish the law abiding citizens.  There are already laws on the books prohibiting high-capacity, rapid firing automatic weapons. Currently 10 states, (including the District of Columbia) have state laws prohibiting high-capacity magazines and assault weapons.  It is illegal for a convicted felon to own or possess a firearm.  How many of these perpetrators are repeat offenders?

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The Commission's New Proposal Isn't Applicable within any Incorporated Municipalities

The offenders the new legislation is supposed to target aren't in the geographical location of the ordinance.  As we know, the drive-by shootings, and most of the gun violence is taking place within the city limits. This legislation is only applicable in the parish, outside of any incorporated municipality.

Your Automobile is Legally An Extension of Your Home

It is perfectly legal to have a gun in your car.  You don't have to have a permit, or be licensed to have a gun in your car.  So if we carry this thought of legislating what we can or can't have through to an absurd conclusion, if authorities are now telling us we can't have 'this', or can't have 'that' in our cars, how long will it be before they start telling us we can't have those things in our homes?

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