The night before Halloween has many names. Silly sounding names, to frightening names, there are plenty. What you call it has a lot to do with where you grew up.

There are some people who have absolutely no name for the night, it's just the night before Halloween. But some call it "Mischief Night", while others know it as "Corn Night", and many recognize it as "Devil's Night". See, some sound hilarious, while others make you want to know more.

They all center around the same basic concept: young people are going to cause some trouble. The difference between the names have to do with two things, first where you're located, and second...the level of trouble about to be caused. Because there's going to be way less trouble (or damage) on "Cabbage Night" than on "Devil's Night".

The food-themed nights, both Cabbage and Corn, get their names because the youth would likely be pulling and throwing this commodity. While on names named Mischief and Devil's, you're going to see vandalism and arson.

Some of these names even overlap in the same region. In the Midwest you could find two towns within miles of each other where one calls October 30th Gate Night, and the other town calls it Cabbage Night. The same activities may happen in each town, but the residents just call it something else.

But the most heinous version has to be Devil's Night. A night that turned a major American city to panic.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the city of Detroit (and by extension the whole state of Michigan) was gripped with fear over Devil's Night. The night was filled with fire across the whole city. Arson fires were started all across the metro area, and regularly overwhelmed first responders in the city. Devil's Night extended into pop culture through the comic book and film The Crow, as well as music from the band D12, and its member Eminem.

Here's a look at what Americans call October 30th:

What Do You Call The Night Before Halloween?

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