Travelers who frequently cross the Kansas City Southern Railroad tracks which cross LA 157 just south of the intersection with LA 614 in downtown Haughton have remarked for months, if not years, that the crossing was one of the roughest in all of Bossier Parish.

Jennifer Dodge
Jennifer Dodge

Evidently Kansas City Southern Railroad was paying attention and has made plans to fix the extremely rough crossing. Of course, to do that, it will mean some inconvenience for motorists in the area in the very near future.

Exactly When Will This Work Be Done?

According to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, beginning on Friday, July 15, 2022 at 6:00 am and continuing until 6:00 pm on Saturday, July 16, 2022, LA 157 at the Kansas City Southern Railroad crossing in Haughton will be closed. This is the railroad crossing right beside the main Post Office in Haughton.

This is to allow KCS crews to make necessary repairs to their tracks.

The DOTD advises that this will be a total road closure and all vehicles will be forced to detour, but detour signage will be in place.

Of course, all work will be performed, weather permitting.

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