Workers preparing to take Christmas decorations down at Barksdale Baptist Church in Bossier City got quite a surprise.

First, insulation was found sticking out of the ceiling tiles in the sanctuary. Then, they discovered what looked like a bullet hole in the ceiling. Finally, a bullet on the floor was found.

Bossier City Police showed up to check things out and confirmed it was a bullet fired from a gun.

Spokesman Mark Natale says the trajectory was downward, which indicates the bullet was fired into the air and came down inside the church. Fortunately, nobody was inside at the time.

"That's something that's not only illegal, but it can be very dangerous," Natale said. "There are documented cases where people have died from this."

It's the reason why law enforcement sends out a warning each year to celebrate the New Year with fireworks, not firearms.

Police continue to investigate this case.

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