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We recently asked a question on Facebook about places that people missed going during the coronavirus pandemic and the Stay-at-Home order which has now been extended through May 15th. It wasn't surprising to me that so many South Louisiana residents listed "Church" as the one place they'd really like to get back to as soon as possible.

The need for "soul food" as my Mom would have called it, is so great our state's Attorney General, Jeff Landry, even wrote a letter to Governor Edwards asking him to lift restrictions on houses of worship. I can agree with General Landry and a lot of his reasoning.

However, Governor Edwards appears to be holding steadfast in his resolve to maintain social restrictions in the wake of the virus. The Governor's order, which was extended officially as of today, prohibits churches from opening their doors to large congregations.

But, there is a glimmer of hope for the faithful that wants to gather at the church of their choice this weekend.  While services can't be held inside, churches may hold services outside as long as social distancing requirements are met and as long as masks are worn. Outside is the keyword here. Services inside church buildings are still not allowed.

Now, let's face it. Even when the Stay-at-Home order is lifted we won't be allowed to just flood back into our favorite sanctuary. There will be limits and restrictions and other necessary safeguards that will have to be in place. Especially when our houses of worship are once again allowed to open their doors to the faithful.

The good news is that many churches are already providing coverage of their worship services online. Perhaps your church will even offer an outside service this Sunday. The weather should be wonderful, although a little warm in God's cathedral. Regardless, our hope for you and your family is that you'll find your Grace and find enough strength to practice patience for a couple of more weeks.




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