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Brock Lesnar is a freak. The 'Beast Incarnate' is a once in a life time athlete that can and does pretty much anything he wants. He's a national championship winning amateur wrestler, a big money draw pro wrestler and one of the most feared competitors in mixed martial arts. Brock one time decided he wanted to play football after not playing the sport since high school, went to camp with the Vikings and was the final cut the team made....because a running back got injured and they needed to fill another position to start the season. The guy is an absolute freak. Then after the NFL didn't quite work out, he decided to try MMA. With little to no training, he came in and absolutely dominated...quickly becoming a heavyweight champion. He is just a force of nature.

Brock also happens to be a free agent at the moment. His deal with WWE has officially ended which on paper means he could sign anywhere or do anything. Most people believe that he will resign and return to WWE once the coronavirus pandemic calms down and live crowds can return to events. However, the rest of the experts believe that he may return to UFC for one more fight.

And this time, experts don't think he's coming back to beat up some no name guy. They believe he may return for the super fight Dana White, fans and other competitors have been asking for: Brock Lesnar v Jon Jones.

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Brock wants this fight. Jon wants this fight. Dana wants this fight. Everyone wants this thing to happen. And, for the first time in a long time, there's no WWE contract or legal issues to prevent it from happening. And I truly believe this time, a deal will be worked out for the fight to take place. Unless something changes, Brock doesn't have to negotiate dates. Jon Jones isn't currently in any legal battles that would prevent a fight from happening like has been an issue in the past. And Dana is throwing money around to make big fights happen to keep fans interested in the coronavirus era.

In fact, yesterday after the rumor of Brock being a free agent started circulating, Jon Bones issued a challenge to both Lesnar and Stipe Miocic. Check out the tweets below:

Previously, Brock has called out Jones and said he would dominate him. But negotiations and legal troubles caused the fight to fall apart.

Brock is getting to the age where the window for him to have this fight is very, very small. So, given the fact he's free and clear to do it. Jones wants it (at least publicly). People have wanted it to happen for a long time and are losing their minds over Jones' tweet. Now's the time for Dana to be the promoter he thinks he is and put this fight together. There are very few fights that I would pay 70 bucks to see at the moment, but this is one I'd gladly fork the money over for.

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