A Cessna 172 doing touch and goes at Shreveport's downtown airport has crashed leaving the pilot dead.

Shreveport Fire Chief Scott Wolverton says "the plane crashed on the main runway. The plane was heavily damaged. There was one pilot on board. He was deceased on scene."

One person in the tower did witness the crash.


The pilot is believed to be from the local area, but no name has been released until the family has been notified. He's believed to be in his 50's or 60's.

The FAA and NTSB will conduct a full investigation.

Shreveport EMS crews were called to the airport just after 5:30pm Friday.

The plane is registered to a business based in Bossier City, but we do not yet have confirmation on the identity of the pilot.

One eyewitness who went to the aid of the pilot immediately after the crash tells KEEL News he was "slumped over between the two seats and was already deceased."

The crash happened some 700 yards from the primary runway where the pilot was taking off and landing.  



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