I am having some major "White Chicks" movie flashbacks after realizing what is happening at the Circle K at 2001 Old Minden Road. Bossier Crime Stoppers have released security footage hoping you recognize the individual suspected of using counterfeit money at a gas station.

Why am I having "White Chicks" flashbacks? According to local authorities, they aren't looking for a tall busty white woman. Authorities are looking for a 6'1 black man.

According to Bossier Crime Stoppers, this individual is accused of dressing up as a woman and using fake money at the Circle K at 2001 Old Minden Road on July 4th.

According to the Bossier City Police Department, the individual that is being sought walked into the store between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to buy a drink, cigarettes, candy, and $10 worth of gas. The cashier was handed $200 in the form of 2 one hundred dollar bills by the subject. Keep in mind the items only cost $22.37. So the cashier gave the individual $177.63 in change. It wasn't until later that the cashier realized what had happened.

Bossier Crime Stoppers claims that the individual using the counterfeit money was a black man who dressed up as a woman. Okay, we need to make it through the next part without busting up laughing. Okay? Here we go. The suspect is described as "having breasts, being 6’1″ tall, wearing a wig." Bossier Police say that he was also wearing a lot of make-up to cover his beard.

The good news is you could get paid if you know something and you can remain anonymous. Call Bossier Crime Stoppers at (318)424-4100, or go online to www.p3tips.com to submit your tip.

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