Bossier Parish Police Jury member Rick Avery has formally apologized to his colleagues for his actions during a recent traffic stop in Bossier City.

Just over a week ago, Avery was pulled over for suspicion of DWI after his vehicle was seen weaving in and out of traffic on Benton Road. Avery was recorded on video threatening the jobs of some police officers, and even making racist remarks to another officer.

"I apologize for what happened with me. I have never intentionally embarrassed this jury or this parish," Avery said. "I did something I shouldn't have done. That's my fault and I take responsibility."

Avery blamed mixing one beer with medication he was taking for a leg injury.

"In my defense, I met with my physician last week and he watched the video," Avery said. "He called the result of what happened a blackout because one minute I was patting people on the back and ten seconds later I was cussing them out, calling them horrible names.

I'm sick about it. The doctor said it's the typical side effect of that medicine. The medicine bottle is clearly labeled, but since it's a non-narcotic, I didn't read the label. I should have. It was my fault and I accept responsibility."

Avery was released fom police custody without being charged.

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