The Bossier Parish Policy Jury has adopted procedures to require permits for special events. This comes on the heels of a legal fight over a planned trail ride for the Haughton area last month.

Organizers of these kinds of events will now have to get a permit from the parish.

Parish Attorney Patrick Jackson says this new ordinance applies only to commercial events held in exchange for goods and services. The measure targets events that are expected to attract more than 100 people. This measure would not apply to events held within city or town municipalities.

This new permit requirement would include trail rides, carnivals, outdoor music events and other similar activities held in all areas of Bossier Parish. It's different if the event is not for profit. These permits would not be required for church, family or political events.

The rules for getting the permit say organizers must submit parking and security plans at least 45 days prior to an event. The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office would be the only agency authorized to handle security at these kinds of events.

The Police Jury also says these events will also have time restrictions. They will only be allowed to operate between 8am and 10pm.

“We have set standards and empowered the sheriff’s office with black and white rules, not a lot of gray area interpretations,” Jackson told jury members. We want to give unit commanders authority to shut it down if it gets out of hand or violates terms of ordinance.”

“We tried to write a set of rules that anybody can understand. It puts minimum requirements on the applicant and gives some public notice,” he said. “We’re trying to do this the right way, in a transparent way. It will be a work in progress.”

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