Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington got to visit with Sgt. Barrett Lovell while the deputy spends a few days at home waiting for his next round of chemotherapy in Houston.

The 32-year-old sergeant has been receiving treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center over the past weeks, and doctors have him a week-long pass to come back home. A Bossier Sheriff's Office news release says he has lost weight and his hair is falling out, but he remains strong.

"Hopefully, the next round of chemo will put me in remission," Barrett said.

He'll have to continue chemo until a stem cell transplant, which he calls "the long, hard part."

Sheriff Whittington encouraged Barrett and ensured him that his deputies, staff and the community are behind him. We immensely thank Sheriff's Lt. Bill Davis for sharing these touching statements with us:

"Barrett, you're a good man," said Sheriff Whittington. "We're here for you. Nobody deserves this, but you've attacked this head on."

Lt. Billy Jones coordinated Monday's Fish Fry Benefit, which raised more than $4,400 to help Barrett with living and medical expenses. He said it's something Barrett would have done if the situation was reversed.

"We haven't done anything for Barrett that Barrett wouldn't do for us," Jones said. "If it was reversed, he would be out doing the same thing for us. It's just family. We're all family."

"Everybody has been so great," Barrett said. "The says a lot. I appreciate everything more than anybody knows."

The Bossier Sheriff's Office is coordinating with LifeShare Blood Centers and Be the Match Registry for a blood drive and bone marrow registry in the upcoming weeks. Find out more by calling 673-1534.

If you want to find out more about Barrett's progress, visit