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If there's anything we've learned about 2020, its that nothing is for sure. We don't know if football seasons will finish, if schools will remain in session, or if bars will be able to be open moving forward.

These uncertain times have caused a lot of confusion, and presumptions, about things we would normally never second guess. But there's also an interesting phenomenon online, where people choose to post rumors or false news with total certainty. Online users will often feign confidence in their "sources" when it comes to these kind of posts.

Recently the Bossier City area has been dealing with this phenomenon in reference to the upcoming Halloween season.

There have been multiple posts on various social media platforms where people have been absolutely certain that Bossier City has canceled their trick-or-treating for this year's Halloween. These posts have been popping up on Instagram, Twitter, and on Facebook (especially in neighborhood Facebook Groups around Bossier City) along with other social platforms. But no matter how certain the posters may be, they're not correct.

We reached out to Bossier City Public Information Officer Traci Ponder to ask if Bossier City has canceled their trick-or-treating. When asked if Bossier City has canceled the Halloween tradition for this year, Ponder told us "That's simply not true".

Of course, like anything in 2020, if something changes over the next two months, the city may change that position. But for now, Bossier City's trick-or-treating is still on schedule for Halloween 2020.


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