The World Series of Poker Main Event attracted nearly 9,000 poker players to Las Vegas, Nevada this year. One of those players who made the trip was Bossier City poker player Mack Khan.


Khan has had an incredible run and lasted into day 7 and the final 35 players! This has been a spectacular run. Khan kicked off day 7 with about $8 million in chips but saw that stack dwindle to under $4 million as he battled with some of the best poker players from all over the world.

After several hours of duking it out at the table, Khan finds a really good hand with a pair of queens. He could feel a double-up coming as competitor Aaron Mermelstein raised the pot by $800,000 with his king/nine of spades. The flop came with king, jack and five leaving Khan searching for one of the two remaining queens. It didn't happen. Another 5 and a jack completed the board, giving Mermelstein the win.

Khan was knocked out in 28th place which earned him a cool $262,300 for his amazing run at the biggest poker tournament in the world. Congrats Mack and we can't wait to see you at a poker table in these parts.

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