I don't know how much longer I can hang on without a proper shower. The hotel where I have been staying near the radio station has a heater that is struggling, so I have had to rely on layers to keep warm. The record low temperatures arent just making us cold, the temps also have us asking "When can I finally take a shower?". When can we finally flush the toilet without having to melt the snow?  At least that is what I have been asking.

According to a Facebook post made by Shreveport Councilman Grayson Scott Boucher, many Shreveport residents may not have water for several days. The water pressure issue in Southeast Shreveport is impacting the entire city. There have been countless water main blowouts throughout the city. All we can do now is wait and hope that the city can handle the blowouts quickly and restore water as soon as possible.

Here is an update on the water pressure issue in Southeast Shreveport. The issue is impacting the entire city. I’ve...

Posted by Grayson Scott Boucher on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

What about Benton and Bossier? Doug Warner with KSLA posted on his Facebook with the same grim news that Shreveport received. Benton Mayor Shelly Horton told Doug Warner that "they have no water left in reserves (which are normally 700,000 gallons at full capacity) and are completely dependent on Bossier City's supply,". Why is that a bad thing? Well, Bossier doesn't have much water either.

Doug Warner also spoke to Bossier's CAO Pam Glorioso, and she claims that Bossier residents are getting water supplied to them it's just very low pressure. Bossier residents have been dripping water to prevent pipes from busting in their homes and businesses and that has greatly lowered the water pressure.

Unfortunately, it could be several days before the Bossier water system regains enough water pressure. That system will have to gain enough pressure in order to supply or aid any other system. Start melting snow to flush toilets and ration your water. Let's hope our temperatures get above freezing and the snow and ice start to melt.

I just talked to Benton Mayor Shelly Horton and Bossier City CAO...

Posted by Doug Warner KSLA on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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