Following numerous complaints involving juveniles, the Louisiana Boardwalk and Bossier Police will be stepping up enforcement of its curfew policy. Police say that starting 8 PM Saturday evening, anyone under 16 without supervision will be escorted off the property or arrested.

The Boardwalk says the amped up enforcement is to ensure public safety. This follows an alleged shooting that happened at the Boardwalk involving juveniles last month. However, no has been arrested in that incident and no victim was ever discovered.

Here is the full statement from Bossier City Police:

Boardwalk management has informed Bossier City Police that on Saturday evening, February 4, 2017 it will step up enforcement of its longstanding policy that prohibits juveniles 16 years of age and younger from being on the property after 8 p.m. unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian age 21 years or older and that it could pursue criminal charges against violators of that policy who refused to leave the Boardwalk property. Juveniles found in violation will be subject to having charges signed against them by Boardwalk management and will subsequently face arrest for trespassing

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