2021 has been an active year in Shreveport-Bossier and Louisiana. We had the ice storm in February. That is probably the story most people would say is the biggest story of the year in Shreveport, so far. But we have also had some other pretty big stories so far in 2021. The most tragic story of the year has to be the case of the Shreveport woman accused of throwing 2 of her children into the lake from the Cross Lake Bridge. One child did not survive. That odd building downtown has people fascinated. The Amazon plant is moving along and they are getting ready to start looking for workers. Crime has also been a big story in Shreveport.

This list also has stories about public fights. You can never get enough of those. We also have some big restaurant news which also generates lots of interest. There are stories about jobs and economic development. But you also like to see stories about crime and weird things that happen in our community.

What Obvious Story Did Not Make the List for 2021?

What about COVID and the pandemic? Folks were bombarded with stories about the virus and simply lost interest in those stories for much of the year. It seems everywhere you looked, you could find a COVID story. It seems there was a heavy case of COVID fatigue in the news business. No one story rose to the top. But it will still always be remembered as a story that changed our world.

Top Stories in Shreveport for 2021

These are the biggest stories of the year in the Shreveport area. They are in no particular order.

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