Opening day of Major League Baseball is a little late this year. Due to the lockout, season is running several weeks behind, but finally, this Thursday, April 7, season will begin!

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Of course, for Moms and Dads with youngsters playing anything from Little League and Dixie League all the way through college ball, season has been wide open since February.

If You'll Be Making Your First Trip To The Ballpark This Year, Read On

While most of these parents are well-seasoned with the do's and don'ts of baseball park life by the time their youngster is high school age, the thought occurred to me that, in some cases, there might be a number of people attending games for the first time. It's that group of people who will benefit most from this.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the game. My three sons all played and the oldest played all the way through college, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert. Not of the game itself, but of the food. You can take one look at me and see that I don't say no to a whole lot, but I've determined that baseball food comes in two forms. There's the "This Will Kill Me Now" group and the "This Is Gonna Be Really Painful Later" group.

So, to aid you in your baseball experience, especially the eating part, I decided that I'd list Louisiana's Top 10 Favorite Ballpark Foods for you, so that you can avoid the "This Will Kill Me Now" group. That's the stuff that won't even allow you to finish the game, so you really need to steer clear of anything not on this list.

David Lee
David Lee

There Are Exceptions To The Rule

However, this list goes completely out the window if the league or school is hosting some type of fundraiser and they have a Booster Club boiling crawfish, frying catfish or making jambalaya or red beans and rice, but don't expect the baseball gods to bring those days too often.

Louisiana's Top 10 Favorite Ballpark Foods

When the Lord blesses you with a day at a Louisiana ballpark, don't get baited into making the wrong choices at the concession stand. Stick with one of these. You'll fill that void in your stomach and live to fight another day.

Normal For Louisiana, But Others Think These Things Are Weird

While people in other states might consider these things a little weird, they are just part of every day life in Louisiana.

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