Our guys definitely rattled some rooftops in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this week.

For the second straight year, one of the world's largest air shows hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) will feature the B-52. 2016 was the first year that the BUFF was featured as a static display. Once again, a Barksdale Air Force Base has the honor of bringing in this beast and representing it on the ground throughout the week-long show.

This year will feature an added B-52 appearance.

Since the BUFF is too big to maneuver around the air show once the festivities have begun, this year's show will not only feature a B-52 on the ground, but a second bomber will fly overhead as a part of the show. This B-52 will be from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. Needless to say, these guys will be causing plenty of jaws to drop.

Here's a video of our guys bringing in the B-52 for a landing earlier this week:

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