Shreveport's Internal Auditor has released the preliminary audit report on the mayor's car allowance. It recommends the mayor pay back $2700 dollars of the $5400 he received for a car allowance for 2019.

Photo - Amanda Currier
Photo - Amanda Currier

The report does say Mayor Perkins received two separate opinions (one oral and one written) that he was entitled to the full retroactive car allowance for year 2019

The report adds:

We were informed this guidance was given without complete knowledge of all relevant and available facts. Specifically, it was not disclosed that the July 2019 updated vehicle take-home listing showed that Mayor Perkins was assigned the Dodge Journey. We were also advised the take home vehicle roster included this assignment because the mayor was observed frequently driving the vehicle on a daily basis, commuting to and from work

At least two other Mayoral Executive Office Staff did drive the vehicle at certain points during the year. However, we are unable to determine the exact amount of other staff usage because no logs or records were maintained

We spoke with the Mayor's Communications Director Ben Riggs who tells us Mayor Perkins will follow the recommendation in this audit and pay back $2700.


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