Over two weeks ago, meteorologists online started warning of a possible arctic blast poised to hit the United States. Even though other weather watchers online took to mocking the warnings as "hype" and "click bait", it now appears we're dealing with a "boy who cried wolf" situation. Because the National Weather Service is now expressing concern over that arctic blast.

This morning, the National Weather Service in Shreveport posted:

"The likelihood of an Arctic air intrusion across much of the CONUS appears to be increasing for early next week. This may result in an extended period of freezing temperatures across our region, in addition to some wintry precipitation starting late Sunday through Monday."

The Weather Channel is also looking at sub-freezing temperatures now. Their 10-day forecast right now is calling for temps to dip below freezing on Sunday night. Then the high temps for Monday and Tuesday are potentially going to remain at or just above freezing, while overnight lows are expected to dip back into the teens and low 20s.

There are also forecasts with The Weather Channel that are calling for snow on Monday. However, at this time, it doesn't look like the same type of snowfall we've recently seen.

The City of Shreveport is reportedly concerned about what will happen if temps do drop below freezing for an extended period of time. Watch for City officials to start issuing statements and making moves in advance of the storm.

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