By far, Louisiana has more people locked up per 100k people than any other state in the Union, by several hundred in fact. 

With that as a backdrop, Shreveport Police report the number of arrests made through April is up 10% when compared with last year’s numbers. 

Shreveport officers have made a total of 6,305 arrests through the end of April 2011, up from 5,724 arrests during the same time period last year. Of those arrests, 1,758 were for felony offenses as compared to 1,578 in 2010. Some categories of arrests have increased dramatically this year, including robbery arrests which are up by 16 from the 29 reported in 2010, and burglary arrests which are up eight from the 95 reported last year. There have been 818 narcotics related arrests this year as compared to 748 in 2010 and 491 theft related arrests as compared to 429 reported last year. 

Chief of Police Willie Shaw lauded the efforts of his officers and commended neighbors for their efforts as well, saying, “The collaborative relationship between our department and the citizens we serve is paying great dividends for the City of Shreveport. We have more officers on the street now than at any time in the department’s history and our message to those criminals who would ply their trade in our city is crystal clear- break the law here and you will go to jail.”

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