A warrant was signed Thursday by a Caddo District Court Judge charging Shreveport Police officer Alexander Tyler, 23, with negligent homicide in the death of Alonzo Bagley.

Louisiana State Police has been investigating the death of Bagley after the shooting took place February 3rd.  Shreveport Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at the Villa Norte apartment complex in north Shreveport.

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When the officers arrived at the apartment, they wanted to talk to Bagley, but he ran out the back of the second floor apartment, and jumped off of the balcony.  Officers gave chase and Tyler found Bagley outside another apartment building.  Tyler reportedly fired one shot, hitting Bagley in the chest.

KTBS reported that Louisiana State Police have requested charges against officer Tyler after interviews and reviewing officer's body cam video documenting how the events unfolded when officer Tyler and another Shreveport officer responded to the disturbance call.

Bagley's wife, Tangela told the responding officers that Bagley was drunk and being loud, but there was no domestic violence.  The disturbance call was reportedly made by a neighbor.

Officer Tyler has been given until midday Thursday to surrender to authorities.

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