Twenty-nine year old Anthony Dotie has been arrested in connection with the weekend shooting that left a 7 year old boy clinging to life. While Dotie isn't suspected to be the shooter, he is being accused of hiding the weapon used in the shooting and attempting to cover the incident up.

Police, at this time, believe the victim and a 13 year old boy were playing with a .22 rifle designed to look like an AR-15.  The 13 year old then accidentally shot the seven year old in the neck. Investigators say the boys believed the gun was an unloaded BB gun.

Dotie, who was watching the boys, allegedly tried to cover the incident up by saying the boy cut himself on a broken piece of glass.

Dotie is being charged with child desertion and obstruction of justice.The 7 year old is still being treated at University Health Hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.

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