Grocery stores were hopping all across Shreveport and Bossier today. I thought I'd make a quick run into a local store to grab a few things and boy was I shocked.

The isles were packed with people snapping up those necessities. In the bread section, it looked like a wasteland.

Most of the bottled water was gone, I had to grab a big case of 24 to make sure I had some. Smaller packs were sold out. The thing that surprised me the most was the section where you would find protein bars. Check this out.

The store still had plenty of milk which was kind of a surprise. Once my shopping was done, I had to weave my way up to the front to check out. Here's what I found.

Every register was open and the lines kept growing. The guy in line in front of me was stocking up on pet food and some other essentials. The clerks did a good job getting to folks and they were very pleasant. All people were talking about was the coming storm. I even heard a few folks say "I can't believe it's 60 degrees outside and we're preparing for an ice storm." I had the same thought and I'm sure you did too.

Be safe and stay home if you can.



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