John Kay, Director for the Louisiana Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about his organization, its purpose and his thoughts on the recently completed legislative session.

Kay tells KEEL listeners that Americans for Prosperity "seeks to break (government) barriers for help them realize the American dream."

Kay gives his thoughts on this year's legislative session in Baton Rouge, including another attempt by legislators to resurrect a gas tax increase. "I really believe we have the backing of the people in Louisiana. They don't want a gas tax," says Kay, "My suggestion to the pro-tax folks was, 'Why don't you put it on the ballot?' I won't even oppose it through the legislative session. Let the people of Louisiana give you their answer." Kay adds that pro-tax legislator balked at his suggestion "because they know that it would die, and if it dies, there's no chance of bringing it back."

Kay also expresses his support for the recently passed criminal justice reform, pointing out that in states that have passes similar measures, both crime rates and rates of recidivism rate have dropped due to the smaller number of individuals entering into the criminal justice system.

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