One of the main reasons I love living where I do is because we have a pool. Living in the south without access to a pool is cruel and unusual punishment. We do have several months of access to a pool and I don't think we take it for granted, at least I don't.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I learned to swim in an indoor pool. Indoor pools weren't anything unusual, the best part of living in an area where there are so many indoor pools is that you can swim any day. Is it pouring down rain? No big, you can swim indoors.

An indoor pool is something we don't see in the south, much less in Shreveport.

That is up until I stumbled upon a large family home located on 7708 Creswell Rd in Shreveport sitting on a 1.5-acre lot. The real estate agent described it as a "show stopper". The real estate agent wasn't lying.

Shelly Wagner with Coldwell Banker Gosslee via Realtor

This house has a marble foyer, crystal chandeliers, imported marble fireplaces, Viking appliances, extended crown molding throughout plus custom built-ins in almost every room. Yes, it's epic.

What caught our attention? The very rare indoor pool with a fountain feature. I am convinced that that's the center point of this property.

Shelly Wagner with Coldwell Banker Gosslee via Realtor


Shelly Wagner with Coldwell Banker Gosslee via Realtor

Looking through photos of the listing you can see that the formal dining room has a wall of windows that lets you take in the beautiful view of the pool.

Shelly Wagner with Coldwell Banker Gosslee via Realtor

The indoor pool will cost you $950,000. However, you will get 7,733 square feet of beauty and you'll have a whole lot of living space with a 4 bedroom 4.5 bath. Of course, you'll have to be okay with a whole lot of mowing, you'll have 1.5 acres of mowing to knock out.

Shelly Wagner with Coldwell Banker Gosslee via Realtor


If you want to make this gorgeous home with a rare indoor pool yours, just click here for more info. 

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