Some people just don't know that most home prices are negotiable. And as it turns out Shreveport is among the better places to negotiate the price you want for a new home.

According to the research done by cities in the northeastern states are are among the toughest for negotiating prices. While the study showed that 14 of the cities in their 'Top 25 Cities Where it Pays to Negotiate Your Home Price' ended up being southern cities.

Shreveport made number 4 on the list of cities. Sandwiched between Akron, Ohio at number 3, and Salt Lake City, Utah at number 5. And, the number one city on SmrtAsset's list was Blatimore, Maryland.

Basically this list is showing the cities that are easier to negotiate the price of a new home. Having the ability to easily negotiate can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars when making the decision to put your hard-earned money in to a house.

Check out the full list of cities HERE. And make sure the next time you deal with a realtor in Shreveport that you negotiate.

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