If you know me at all, you know I love LSU. I'm a proud graduate and follow all LSU sports. But football is my favorite. I keep up with the recruits, the top players, etc.

Head coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers (Getty Images)
Head coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers (Getty Images)

If it's purple and gold, I'm all about it. I pride myself in being able to gauge or predict how our team will do each year. Boy was I wrong about this team.

Here's what I said about the Tigers back in August before the season started:

I've looked over the LSU schedule and I think the Tigers will go 10-2 this year. Which games will the Tigers lose? That's where I'm not really clear. I believe we will lose to Alabama on the road in Tuscaloosa. But the other loss is not so easy to predict. It will likely be an SEC opponent. I think we will lose to Florida or Auburn. But I am hoping we can beat them both.

So, I was clearly off the mark. The LSU Tigers are 12-0 and headed for a run at another national title.

I must say to Coach Ed Orgeron, the LSU football team and all LSU fans "I'm Sorry". I was wrong. This team is definitely much better than I expected and I'm proud to keep routing on the Tigers in this championship run.

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