If you know me at all, you know I love LSU. I'm a proud graduate and follow all LSU sports. But football is my favorite. I keep up with the recruits, the top players, etc.

Head coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers (Getty Images)

If it's purple and gold, I'm all about it. I pride myself in being able to gauge or predict how our team will do each year. Boy was I wrong about this team.

Here's what I said about the Tigers back in August before the season started:

I've looked over the LSU schedule and I think the Tigers will go 10-2 this year. Which games will the Tigers lose? That's where I'm not really clear. I believe we will lose to Alabama on the road in Tuscaloosa. But the other loss is not so easy to predict. It will likely be an SEC opponent. I think we will lose to Florida or Auburn. But I am hoping we can beat them both.

So, I was clearly off the mark. The LSU Tigers are 12-0 and headed for a run at another national title.

I must say to Coach Ed Orgeron, the LSU football team and all LSU fans "I'm Sorry". I was wrong. This team is definitely much better than I expected and I'm proud to keep routing on the Tigers in this championship run.