Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins is awaiting a decision from the State Supreme Court on his ability to run for re-election as Mayor.


Earlier this month, Caddo District Court Judge Brady O'Callaghan ruled Perkins was not qualified to run for re-election because he listed the wrong address on his election paperwork when he signed up at the Clerk of Court's Office.

Perkins filed the forms on July 22nd stating that he lived and voted at an address on Stratmore. But he actually lives in downtown Shreveport.

The records at the Caddo Clerk of Court's Office show Perkins bought his Milam Street condo for $334,954 dollars on May 30, 2019. He admitted that is where he lives.

The Perkins legal team appealed the Caddo judge's decision to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and a panel of 3 judges sided with the lower court decision saying Perkins should be disqualified.

Perkins has appealed that decision to the State Supreme Court and that panel heard the case on Tuesday. We are awaiting a ruling from the justices on the political fate of Perkins.

There has been much discussion that this was an innocent mistake and the Perkins team says he should not face the harsh punishment of disqualification for such a mistake. But KEEL News has learned this is not the first time Perkins has made this same error.


When he qualified to run for U.S. Senate against incumbent Senator Bill Cassidy on July 23, 2020, Perkins listed his "domicile address" as the Stratmore address.

What Does the US Senate Form Perkins Signed Say



The Perkins purchase of the downtown condo was in May of 2019. When did he file his homestead exemption for that property? The Tax Assessor for Caddo Parish says that was filed on September 27, 2019 just a few months after buying the property.

What Does the Senate Form Say About Qualifying and the Homestead Exemption?


Secretary of State Louisiana
Secretary of State Louisiana

He clearly claimed a homestead exemption prior to filling out this paperwork. This Senate form also says you must be a registered voter in the district where you claim a homestead exemption.

Is this a pattern for Perkins. Is this another innocent mistake? You be the judge.

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