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Because of the threat of severe weather on Monday, Republican Jeff Landry was sworn-in as Louisiana's 57th governor a day early, on Sunday, January 7th.  And with that ceremony, a new era begins in Louisiana... and expectations are high.

In his 32-minute-long speech, Landry gave his vision for a better Louisiana.  He said Louisiana residents seek a government that reflects their values and the public believes the most important voice in a child’s education should be the parents. 

“They demand that our children be afforded an education that reflects those wholesome principles, and not an indoctrination behind their mother’s back,” said Landry. 

One of the biggest issues for voters is crime, and Landry plans to address it with a special session in February. He says too many families are being ripped apart by outrageous violence. 

“We owe no higher obligation as public servants than to fix this,” said Landry. “To fix it now and fix it for good.” 

But change in Louisiana is going to take more than just a new governor.  And with this recent election, the people of Louisiana have issued a mandate.  Republicans now hold a super-majority in the Legislature.  In addition, every state office, including Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, are all now held by Republicans.  But with great privilege comes great responsibility.

This is the time for change.  There will never be a better time for Republicans to prove they have the better way.... a better time to enact legislation to make Louisiana a 'business friendly state... a better time to improve our roads and highways, a better time to get us off the bottom of the lists that matter. 

Landry now has a great opportunity to get most of his agenda approved.  

“To the Legislature; I ask you to help me help you, and together help them…for our failure is not an option,” said Landry. 

There are no excuses. Landry says he believes now is the time to make a real difference. Let's hope he proves it.

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