Monday, February 27th, 2023 is the 58th day of 2023, and starting the day Shreveport had witnessed 15 homicides. That means the city averages a killing every 3.8 days so far this year, which is roughly two killings a week. If the city kept this pace up, there would be over 90 homicides for the year in Shreveport by the end of December.

That would be more than the city has averaged over the last few years. But right now more people seem concerned about where the murders are taking place than how many there have been. Often the violence in Shreveport has been limited to a handful of zip codes, but it appears the violence in Shreveport is growing beyond those areas in 2023.

For the last few years, KTBS has been tracking the violence in the city by the zip code. Earlier this year, they noted that the 71107 zip code in Shreveport has had a staggering increase in homicides in 2023. Through the first 6 weeks of 2023, that zip code witnessed 5 killings. For all of 2022, that same zip code saw just 3 killings.

In the above map, you can see that the violence in the city has spread from some of the northern most points of the city, all the way to some of the southern most points. Killings have stretched all the way west to Klug Pines, and all the way east to the Clyde Fant Parkway on the Red River.

The times that these killings have taken place have also startled residents. With many murders happening in broad daylight. That includes the shooting of an East Texas teen that took place during a Mardi Gras parade, and a double homicide drive by shooting on a Sunday afternoon.

You can see a list of all those who have been killed in Shreveport in 2023 right here:

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