Do a quick internet search and you'll find scary headlines like, "East Coast Drivers Scrambling for Gas," or "Fuel Shortages Intensify," and even "Pipeline Shutdown Causes Gas Prices to Spike." And yes, all of those stories are true.

But - and please pay close attention, now - just not here!!

Motorists across the eastern USA looking at fuel shortages for at least a few more days, as interrupted supply from the Colonial Pipeline shutdown, combined with panic buying, have left as many as 70% of stations in some areas without fuel.

But - and please pay close attention, now - just not here!!

The pipeline, which carries close to 50% of the gas to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee and states further north, has been non-operational because of what the FBI says are Russian hackers who perpetrated a ransomware attack against the Houston-based facility.

And yet, despite the fact that the vast, vast majority of the flow of gas to Louisiana hasn't been interrupted, some stations across the state are out of fuel because of motorists unnecessarily rushing to the pumps to top off.

New Orleans Fox 8 reports, "Panic Buying Could result in Gas Shortages." From The Advocate in Baton Rouge: "Panic Buying Worsens Colonial Impact."

But Shreveport's KTBS is one, at least, reporting a bit of sanity: "Tyler Gray...of Louisiana Mid-Continent’s Oil and Gas Association said there is no need for residents to panic or to run to fill up on gas."

Take heed, ArkLaTex and listen to the experts. The few - and we do mean few - stations across the area with those yellow bags over their pumps are temporarily closed because of your / our / my panic buying.

Listen to people in the know. The Colonial Pipeline troubles will be fixed in a few days. And in the meantime, there's plenty of gas for everybody in Shreveport and Bossier, if we just keep our cool and don't all rush to the pumps at once.

And if you're one of those who's inclined to be a little panicky, don't take our word for it. To get the latest Colonial Pipeline information, JUST CLICK HERE!


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