The City of Shreveport obviously has a lot of issues. Some of these problems are the result of decades full of ignorance, defiance, and naivety. They're issues that won't be solved in a year or a politician's term.

But looking at things that are easier to solve than education issues, poverty, and rampant violence, could Shreveport actually address these? Sure. But will they? No.

The City of Shreveport is full of people who care about the city. People who want to see the city do better. But at this point, I feel like they might be outnumbered by those who are complacent with the condition of the city, and are actually hoping for it to get worse. It feels like this large group is broken into two sections: those who are lazy, and those who are profiting off the city's decline.

However if you look at some of the basics of the city, there are things that could get straightened out by the end of this year. The City of Shreveport could take the lead on these elements too. There are measures a city could take to change its course, but Shreveport doesn't seem to want to.

Amanda Currier
Amanda Currier

Think about city's like Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore. All are known for high crime rates, large murder numbers, and failing infrastructure. But did you know that all three of those cities have either stopped their population loss or had population increases this year? Because these cities offer something to people. There are people in other cities and states who dream of moving to those three cities.

Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore work to make their city LOOK good, even if the statistics inside the city aren't great. You visit those cities, and you see a big, beautiful
"welcome mat" that makes you feel different about what the city might actually be by the numbers.

Shreveport can do the same. Shreveport could make people FEEL better about the city, even if they can't actually change the truth about what happens inside the city. But they have to WANT TO.

Here are some things the City of Shreveport could address to fix things. From curfews for teens to cleaning the streets, here are some easy fixes (that the city will never do)

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