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Sometimes when I’m listening to the radio, I’ll hear a commercial that was obviously produced from out of the market.  Why obviously?  Because they’ll pronounce Bossier like a French perfume.  Boss-e- ay... Locals know better... here are 5 signs you know you’re from Shreveport Bossier.

1.  First of all, you know how to pronounce Bossier!  And Youree Drive, and Jordan St. Because it's not like Michael, it's Jerden

2. You remember some of the great landmark restaurants that we loved.  Like Nanking in downtown.  A lot of times after a show rehearsal at Shreveport Little Theatre, we would go eat and hangout at Nanking because the food was awesome, and they were open late!  We would also frequent the Tick Tock Grill on Line Ave, and the Piccadilly Italian Restaurant.  And who remembers listening to Trout Fishing in America at the Rusty Nail, then going to Murrell's for a late supper.

3,  You know you're from Shreveport Bossier if you know how to eat crawfish.  I mean really know how to eat crawfish!  I see people try to peel them, then complain because it's "too much work".  That's because you're not doing it right!  The correct way to eat crawfish requires two moves... pull it apart, then pinching the bottom of the tail while you're pulling the meat with your teeth. (And if you're really adventurous, you'll suck the juice and spices from the head!)

4.  You know about the little girl ghost on the top floor of the Logan Mansion. Many years ago I worked in the Logan Mansion when it was a radio station, KCOZ.  It used to play "beautiful music".  Which was popular songs of the day from the Beatles or Elton John, but instrumentals with stings and piano. I worked overnights and never once saw or heard from the little girl ghost.  But there are those who say they've seen her in the window up on the top floor.

5. Another way you know you're from Shreveport Bossier is you know what a ShrimpBuster is. Herby K's is truly a local landmark, having been around since 1936, and it's most famous menu item is it's world famous ShrimpBuster.

I’m sure there are many things you can think about as well, like Holiday in Dixie, the humble beginnings of The Red River Revel, and when there were only three TV stations, (not counting the public station)

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