With the story about an "international conglomerate" wanting to spend $5 billion to renovate the Louisiana State Fairgrounds, including a new 85,000 seat stadium, 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Matt Parker talk about all the plans on the table - legitimate and far fetched - to rebuild Shreveport.

Details on the latest plan from ktbs.com:

"Not only a new arena to replace Shreveport's Independence Stadium. But a $5 billion dollar proposal to redevelop all the fairgrounds.

The company behind this vows to make it an 'economic catalyst.' But who are the people with the grandiose plan? And what do they want in return?

On October 26th, Haley Ahart Keiffer, Chief Operation Officer of Ahart Solutions International, posted a video on Facebook showing part of her group's tour of the State Fairgrounds that her company wants to take over. ASI calls itself a 'global consortium of more than 50 companies in the fields of healthcare, energy, construction and security.' They say they're based in Dubai and have offices in Cairo, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Houston.

A Google map search shows their Houston office is a mostly metal warehouse style building with the lettering 'Sunbelt Medical Corporation, which claims to be a "Worldwide leading provider of Medical Equipment and Biomedical Engineering Services.'"

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