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Its always fun to catch glimpses of places you know when you're watching a movie or tv show. Of course we all know major landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or the White House, so seeing those type of locations isn't the same as seeing a bridge you know, or a neighborhood you've driven through.

For movie fans in Louisiana, you get your fill of that when it comes to New Orleans. There have been TV shows literally based in New Orleans, and everyone wants to use the French Quarter for something. But there are actually a lot of movies and shows that include other locations in Louisiana too.

When Louisiana had major filming tax credits, the whole state enjoyed filming operations. So you might catch little looks at local locations in the backgrounds (think about Shreveport in the movie Mr. Brooks), but they might be labeled as another location. Even though local residents know that a location isn't "an airport in Seattle" and it's actually a sky-bridge to a convention center, the movie is going to call it whatever they want.

But some productions actually use Louisiana as their location in the story as well. Which again, is very common with New Orleans, but its not the only place in Louisiana that's been used as a location for a story. Especially when it comes to Horror and Thriller movies.

The swamps and bayous of Louisiana make great settings for Horror films, so that becomes an obvious trope used over and over. Then there are the fake locations created in Louisiana that get used. Like in the 2007 Horror movie The Reaping, which used the fictional Louisiana city of Haven, even though they make sure to include that it is in Louisiana. In fact, according to interviews, star Hilary Swank went out of her way to convince producers to relocate the story from New England to Louisiana in the story. The filming actually took place in Louisiana as well, and was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina.

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