National School Choice Week is set for January 25-31, 2015. In Louisiana, there are 175 events scheduled -- including roundtable discussions, school fairs, open houses and community meetings.

The president of the public awareness campaign, Andrew Campanella, tells us this week shines a spotlight on all the educational options parents have for their children.

"While School Choice, in many cases, over the years has come across as a polarizing or confusing concept, our goal at National School Choice Week is to frame school choice in a way that parents look at school choice," Campanella said. "And that's all of the different the options they have for their children or want for their children -- so everything from traditional district schools, to charters, magnet schools, online academies, private schools and homeschooling."

This will be the biggest-ever celebration of educational opportunity, with over 5,500 events nationwide.

"More parents are actively choosing schools for their children than at any other time in American history," said Campanella in an online news release. "But still, there is tremendous demand for more educational options for families in Louisiana. This message, delivered by parents and their children during National School Choice Week is one that leaders in Baton Rouge and throughout America need to hear."

CLICK HERE to find out where events are scheduled throughout The Bayou State.


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