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Did your parents ever tell you that turning on the dome light in the car while driving was illegal? Well, they lied. There is no specific law that prohibits you from driving with the interior lights on in your vehicle. But this is where our conversation takes a turn...because I'm going to insert the word technically. 

See, it is technically legal to drive with your dome light on in your car. But if that dome light, or any lights in your car, cause a distraction, now you're breaking the law. Distracted Driving laws exist in basically every state, and they present a giant legal gray area. So many things can fall under the umbrella, you could be breaking the law while talking to someone in the back seat while driving, or eating while driving, or even looking around out your windows. All can technically be illegal. Which also means they can technically be legal too. Welcome to the American justice system.

So now is a good time to point out that I'm not a lawyer (obviously), I don't have any legal training, and none of this can be considered legal advice in anyway. You'd have to be a moron to present this piece of internet content as evidence in court. Even though its technically legal to do so.


There are a whole bunch of laws that are not super specific in Louisiana, or have recently changed, that have created some technicalities in a legal sense. Whether that's with new medical marijuana laws, or a billionaire deciding he wants to sell flame throwers at a consumer level, the limits of written Louisiana laws are being tested all the time.

So we researched some ideas that might be legal here, and illegal other places. Mixed in some things you might think are illegal in Louisiana, but aren't. Then added some weird stuff to come up with this list.

11 Things That Are Technically Legal In Louisiana

First of all, this isn't actual legal advice. We will link to the information we've found on each of these scenarios. But know the person putting this list together is an idiot, and would never win in a court of law.

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