Here in Louisiana, we live a different life style than anyone else around the country. We certainly have our flaws, but for the most part, we're pretty freaking awesome.

Today, we look at 10 struggles that all of us can relate to. From Shreveport to New Orleans and every where in between, we all can find things on this list that we've experienced personally.

Let the list roll!



  • 1

    Leaving the state and swearing you don’t have an accent.

    Even if you travel up north and decide to cut all of the "Y'all's", "Mam's", and "Fixin' To's" out of your speech, they'll still catch you. You just can't lose the South in your mouth.

  • 2

    Wincing at the site of crimson.

    Ah yes, that horrid color we all know and hate. If you see crimson red and you don't have the urge to puke on site, you may not be a true Louisianian.

  • 3

    Touching the metal part of your seat belt in the middle of summer.

    I'm not kidding when I say this, I've gotten out of multiple seatbelt tickets in Louisiana because it was simply too hot to buckle. Those things don't just get hot to touch, they get so hot they'll possibly burn your fingers off.

  • 4

    The humidity.

    If Louisiana wasn't so humid, it might actually be the greatest place on the planet. Unfortunately for us, humidity is our third certainty in life, which we all hate more than death and taxes.

  • 5

    Festival plans getting ruined because it's raining.

    Sometimes it seems like we just can't have anything nice. Even when the weatherman say's 0% chance of rain on the day of the big festival we've been looking forward to, it always seems to come out of no where. Fortunately for us, we're Louisianians, and that pesky rain won't stop the party.

  • 6

    If you’re from Northern Louisiana, constantly getting compared to New Orleans.

    Since I'm born and raised here in Shreveport, I had to include this one. It's like constantly being asked about your big brothers achievements, even though you've done some pretty cool stuff too!

  • 7

    Driving somewhere and forgetting that there’s a parade and now you’re stuck in traffic.

    Over the course of the last three weekends, this happened to me multiple times a day. Once you realize you're stuck in the mess, you're probably past the point of no return and you just have to accept it. It's a aggravating feeling until you remember you're in Louisiana and our parades are awesome.

  • 8

    Hitting a pothole so big you're positive some of your car was left in that pothole, never to be seen again.

    They say everything's bigger in Texas, but I disagree. In Louisiana, we have the biggest hearts, the biggest parties, and unfortunately, the biggest potholes.

  • 9

    Or worse, completely underestimating how deep the pothole was because it looked like a puddle.

    This is probably a regular occurrence for anyone reading this from Louisiana. You see the pothole, but think nothing of it since it resembles a harmless puddle. Only when you drive through it, it's massive and tries to suck your entire car into it's pothole belly.

  • 10

    Using your AC and Heater in the same day because Louisiana weather is bipolar.

    The biggest struggle in Louisiana life has to be the weather. You can leave the house in the morning in a jacket and come home in flip-flops. Our AC units break regularly since we're constantly and abnormally switching back from AC to heat. Don't listen to the weatherman in Louisiana, not even he can predict how our state will behave.

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