Jason Aldean and his Wife named their son Memphis. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their third child Chicago. We love Louisiana but there are ways of keeping your babies name Louisianian without naming them Shreveport or New Orleans. A roommate I had for several years is named Mindyn and her brothers name is Ruston, clearly their parents love Louisiana and they didn't even have to name their kids Shreveport! Here are the top 5 baby names for boys and girls that are towns in Louisiana.

Top 5 Boy Names:

  1. Welsh
  2. Fisher
  3. Jackson (Jack)
  4. Ruston
  5. Baker

Top 5 Girl Names:

  1. Minden
  2. Lillie
  3. Reeves
  4. Ashland
  5. Jena

Names that almost made the list:

  1. Jennings
  2. Clayton
  3. Cullen
  4. Montgomery
  5. Rayne
  6. Hodge
  7. Hammond

Of course we have town names that have already become popular baby names over the years like Gilbert, Eunice, Elton, Elizabeth, Martin, Vivian, Grayson, Stanley, Scott, Walker, Wilson, and Zachery.

Here are names that on behalf of your future child we beg you NOT name them.

  1. Slaughter
  2. Houma
  3. Gretna
  4. Bunki
  5. Sarepta
  6. Tickfaw
  7. Zwolle
  8. Choudrant
  9. Opelousas
  10. Mamou


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